Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TUNEGENIE 3.0 --- “Social Music For Your Site”.

Yesterday we launched TUNEGENIE 3.0 ---“Social Music For Your Site”.

Until yesterday the focus of TUNEGENIE was putting together all the cool information associated with any song: Video, lyrics, artist catalog, top tracks, search, more. All synched in real time to each song played by each radio station. (Streamers too) for the past 30 days.

Now TUNEGENIE allows you to take it all into Facebook! Build and share playlists---or use the “like” button to post in Facebook a great video, lyric or song.

When you share playlist or song info, your friends will see it in their feed; they can send it to their friends, then on to their friends, etc.

This is the first release of our “Social Music” platform, more to come soon, packed with ways to share music, watch music, and follow great playlists makers.

Check out the new stuff, here are a few examples to try. (We got 700 more!)






Classic Rock

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