Friday, March 12, 2010

TUNEGENIE™ Networks Introduction

Welcome to the TUNEGENIE™ Networks blog. With the thanks to all our affiliates (and ace staff) we have grown to well over 600 terrestrial stations, and we are now adding in online streamers.

We plan to use this blog as you would expect; to post stuff of interest that we think may be helpful to any of our affiliates, be them terrestrial radio, online streamers, music sites etc. Expect to see posts that range from tech issues--new features---stats-best practices---user experience feedback---to the favorite of them all, how to make $$$ with your TUNEGENIE™ playlist platform.

We hope this will become a forum for the TUNEGENIE™ community of affiliates, and yes we will tweet out whenever there is a new post. Coming soon, the TUNEGENIE™ Facebook fan page with a ton of how-to-do (TUNEGENIE™) stuff on it.


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